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Terrazza brand of outdoor furniture was founded in 2021 in the coastal town of Pula, Croatia by Dean and Marina. After years of running a family woodworking business, equipped with experience and passion for woodworking, they decided to establish an outdoor kitchen brand that would deliver high quality, sustainable kitchen solutions made of natural, locally sourced materials. They were driven by the idea of producing an outdoor kitchen as place of enjoyment and gathering, one that elevates outdoor space, while staying in balance with its natural environment.

Create kitchens that capture the tradition of Mediterranean enjoyment and emphasise beauty of its natural environment.


Passion for natural materials and craftsmanship, and dedication to mastery are irreplaceable ingredients for producing high quality wooden products. For Terrazza, craftsmanship is a form of an intimate connection to material, and hands-on knowledge that extracts the materials’ potential from the core.


It’s all about this creative and challenging endeavour, aimed at combining different aspects of a successful product: technical potential, innovation, function and ergonomy with timeless aesthetics that stimulates the senses and emphasises the raw beauty of natural materials.

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